Kiatnakin Phatra Financial Group (“KKPFG”) has established Whistleblowing Policy and developed channels as a mechanism for receiving whistleblowing and procedure in the event that whistleblowing regarding suspected acts of corruptions or fraud, a breach of legal requirement or compliance, wrong-doing against rules and regulations and those of that stipulated in relation to guidelines for business conduct, corporate governance policy, anti-corruption policy. This is to recognize and reaffirm our commitment to conducting business with transparency, honesty and fairness in addition to encouraging our stakeholders in expressing their disapproval of any act or suspected behavior of fraud or misconduct which are in connection with directors, executives, employees, and outsourcing agents of KKPFG. Moreover, whistleblower safeguard mechanisms and confidentiality have put in place as well as due care and judgment for whistleblowers and those of information filling, so that they will not be harassed, intimidated or other negative action taken in doing so.

KKPFG will protect whistleblowers and informants by keeping their information confidentially and safeguard those of that from intimidation, harassment, unfair harassment from disadvantaged parties or those affected by whistleblowing or providing information in compliance with the protection provision of the Personal Data Protection Act.  

Whistleblowing Policy
Whistleblowing Form